The average age of a homeless person in Mercer County is less than ten years old. Some live in cars. Some move from relative to relative, until they end up on the street. HomeFront believes it's unacceptable for any child to be homeless anywhere in America and that all of us have a responsibility to the less fortunate; their mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community. This non-profit organization strives to break the cycle of poverty, as they help families develop the skills they need to realize their potential.

Poverty is national, but HomeFront is local. This year HomeFront distributed over $500,000 in back rent, security deposits and utilities to Mercer County families in crisis and on the brink of facing the horror of homelessness. Many of those in HomeFront’s care are single-parent families. Most are homeless. All are poor. Some are fleeing from domestic violence. Some are working two minimum-wage jobs, but still can’t afford to pay the rent. Their kids are often troubled and struggling in school because they're unable to provide appropriate supervision, while they're busy making a living. HomeFront is dedicated to finding every family a home of their own where they can be self sufficient, successful and proud, but most importantly, where they can reside together as a family.

If you won't be attending Jaiya's MAD Splatter Work of Heart party, but would still like to support her effort, donations are graciously accepted.

Thank you on behalf of Jaiya, and the entire Patel family!

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Please make checks payable to Glitter Lemonade, include Jaiya Patel in the subject line and mail to:

Glitter Lemonade
174 Nassau Street
Suite #114
Princeton, NJ 08542

To learn about how your family can get involved please visit their website.


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