World Wildlife Fund

The cheetah has long been revered by man because of its startling speed and unique beauty. Cheetahs are the world's fastest land animals and capable of sprinting up to 70 miles per hour. These magnificent cats prey upon hoofed animals such as gazelles, impalas and wildebeest calves to survive. Unlike other big cats, cheetahs do not roar. Simply stated, they are in a class of their very own; In Hollywood, a pet cheetah is now considered a status symbol.  

Although once widespread in Asia and Africa, cheetah populations are now isolated to the savannahs and grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa. Cheetahs are threatened by hunting, poaching, habitat loss and the decline of prey populations. The survival of this beautiful animal is at a crisis point, both in nature and in captivity. 

Jonah is donating her 7th birthday celebration to The World Wildlife Fund, the leading conservation organization protecting animals in their habitats globally. In lieu of traditional gifts this year, Jonah's wish is for friends and family to help her symbolically adopt a cheetah; when she reaches her $100 goal, she will receive a certificate of adoption as well as a big stuffed cheetah in honor of her effort. Please share this video and Jonah's mission with your children and join Glitter Lemonade and the Wojciechowicz family in championing her cause!

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Statistics Courtesy of the World Wildlife Fund
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