Happy Birthday Maddy!

Maddy’s SAVE Campaign

Founded in 1941, SAVE is an independent non-profit animal shelter dedicated to protecting homeless companion animals in the greater Princeton area. Through six core programs of Rescue, Shelter, Health/Welfare, Spay/Nueter, Adoption and Humane Education, SAVE focuses on the rehabilitation and successful placement of treatable and adoptable animals. SAVE endeavors to build, foster and strengthen the animal-human bond.

On February 21, 2006, SAVE merged with Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA). Founded in 1998, FOHA concentrated on animal rescue and care as well. The new union renaming the organization as SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals, is now the largest shelter for companion animals in the Princeton area. Consolidating 75 years of community involvement and a shared philosophy and mission, the merger of SAVE and FOHA has led to a greater number of successful adoptions.

SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals operates as a limited admission shelter with contracts to serve Princeton and Lawrence Township animal control centers. The shelter depends mostly on private contributions to support it's six core programs and houses approximately 75 dogs and cats at a time, averaging 400 animals a year.

In lieu of traditional birthday gifts this year, Maddy's wish is for her friends to purchase gifts for the animals at SAVE in her honor. Together we'll present the shelter with these items, which will give the dogs and cats in their care a better quality of life until they're adopted by loving families. SAVE's wish list can be found here to use as a guide when shopping at your local pet store or supermarket. If you won't be joining us for the party, please consider making a small donation on Maddy's behalf to the organization, which relies so greatly on public donations. Donate.

The most priceless gift Maddy can receive on her birthday is the power to make a difference. Thank you!