Glitter Lemonade

Warrior Fund

For those of you who know Suzan well, the news of her recent diagnosis came as much of a shock to you, as it did to her. Strong in body, mind and spirit, she has always been a pillar of strength for her family, school, and community. In times like these you have to wonder whether that old adage is true---God only gives people what they can handle

Suzan is a fighter. She's motivated by the love of her family and friends to beat this. And she is certainly brave. But even a warrior finds peace in knowing back up is on the way; being courageous doesn't mean you have to fight alone. 
Please join us in championing Suzan as she digs deep to conquer her enemy and help this warrior battle along her journey. Some say love and friendship have healing powers. Another old adage we hope to be true. 
Donations are graciously accepted. 100% will be gifted to purchase a Vitamix and monthly in home deliveries of organic produce.

Contributions of $50 or more will receive a Warrior Infinity Scarf to unite us all in this fight. Please make sure to indicate which school you are affiliated with or how you learned about the Warrior Fund under PayPal notes, so we can distribute the scarves accordingly. Questions? Email

Thank you on behalf of the Milman family and Suzan's front line of best friends.